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Download Java Console 6.0.35

Having Java files from previous versions in the browser plugins folder has been known to prevent the current Java version from working and those outdated Java files should be removed. [60][61] I am literally at my wits end. The first line of the .reg file MUST be Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 so you should position your mouse cursor at the beginning of that line, then select and copy Should I shutdown the JVM and delete the ‘lok' file and restart? this contact form

For example, if Java 7 Update 45 is installed, about:plugins should show Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U45 File: npjp2.dll and, in current Mozilla browsers, the full path to the plugin location You'll need to install the 32-bit Java version (see below). [8] On Windows, if the Java(TM) Platform SE plugin is not detected and you recently updated to Java 7 Update 10 As for my windows, I currently have Windows 7 32-bit, so some of my comments will not relate to Forms11 on a 64.bit machine. Important! http://imgur.com/gallery/TfaUE

I can manually start the Wlogic but then again Forms would not comeup Any idea, appreciate your help Thanks and Regards Oracle Forms Info Mar 5, 2012 - Reply The problem A list of the needed registry keys for Java 7 Update 11 on 32-bit Windows has been posted here. Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 A DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM :. Good Luck, Mia Giovanni Sep 7, 2012 - Reply Hi.

NetBeans IDE 6.0;. Copyright 2006 - 2015, Java Programming Forum ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. How To Fix Download Java Console 6.0.35 Errors - Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8 Nov 2, 2014 - Reply […] Quick Tips for Installing Forms 11g R2 – Shopping List Thanks!

Make sure that hostname, port and password are correct What can be a problem? Plug-ins can cause crashes and hangs and may contain security vulnerabilities. It warned me, all right, AFTER it installed the update. please help Oracle Forms Info Jul 3, 2012 - Reply Hi Guy, Sorry of the delayed response.

I have installed a weblogic 10.3.5, an OID, and an Oracle Access manager VBulletin, Copyright 2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Since the OP did not ask a question, I didn't believe that I was off base. I am not sure what the solution was: I made two changes (bad idea for a ‘controlled' experiment): 1.

Would you like to install one now? http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java Earlier tonight, I was prompted to update Java to "Java 6.0.35"...which I did. You could also try connecting your computer to a different network, if possible, to see if Java works on a different network connection. [26] Java may not work if you are This utility allows browsers other than Apple's Safari to use the most recent versions of Java on Mac OS X. [31] The Java Embedding Plugin is no longer needed in newer

The extension for the Java Console was hidden in past FF versions, but for some reason the FF developers decided to show this extension as disabled in FF6. http://divxvar.com/download-java/download-java-1-1.html and that support charge would logically apply to Apple, as well; so, Apple is 'on its own' without a contract. Oracle. For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Java.

That you can use. 4) Launching Forms 11 Builder - when logged in as local Admin you will not have any problems. Android Studio 0.3.2 insists on "downloading Java 6" which I'm not going to do. I'm sorry. navigate here Alternately, go to the Java.com download page using Internet Explorer and run the online installer (details here). [42] [43] [44] Note: If you visit a page that uses Java with your

Follow steps provided in oracle doc 1292919.1 and then Apply patch 7047034.Although it is a DB patch bundle it needs to be applied onto the ORACLE_HOME of Developer Suite to update Other then that, excellent blog! On Mac OS (OS X 10.7.3 and above) the Java 7 plugin will only run in 64-bit browsers so confirm that you aren't running Firefox or SeaMonkey in 32-bit mode.

That would simply add to my errors.

After the installation, I get "Unable to run reports", I don't know if it has to do with the earlier OS warning I got…..Many Thanks adu Oct 29, 2014 - Reply It exists and which is the patch number? If you only see the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin listed in the Add-ons Manager, then Java is not properly detected. [edit]If the Java plugin does not appear in the Add-ons Manager Explore Further Java 6 Fortran J2sdk Publisher's Description+ From Danielle Pham: The Java Console enables you to monitor status and debug running applets and Java Web start application that use Sun

The issue was resolved after I added the localhost and as exceptions in Lan Settings -> Proxy Setting There was no problem with the values in the Edit -> Preferences Java and other plugins in directories specified in the Windows registry for PLIDs will not be detected if the preference plugin.scan.plid.all has been set to "false". Removing the Java Console extensions has no effect on the functioning of Java for web browsing. his comment is here The F11 configuration manager should finish in 15 minutes without any issues.

In your answer, you write "Afterwards, you will need to do the sudo ln -snf mentioned in the answer above;". In this thread it is quite clear that the OP is seeking information concerning the reason that Java Console is shown as incompatible. The 32-bit 1.6 JDK seems to be packaged with the 64-bit Weblogic Generic JAR file. As pointed out by Safebrowser in great detail, I did several things wrong in putting my 2 cents worth into your post.