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A loop-back test of the selected sound devices can be performed using TT_StartSoundLoopbackTest. What is Wrong with My Computer? This function only works if BearWare.AudioCodec has been set to use stereo. Call TeamTalk.CloseSoundDuplexDevices() to shut down duplex mode.

See alsoBearWare.User OnUserAudioFile bool BearWare.TeamTalk.SetUserAudioStreamBufferSize ( int nUserID, StreamType uStreamType, int nMSec ) Change the amount of media data which can be buffered in the user's playback queue. More... TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_SetUserPosition (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance, IN INT32 nUserID, IN StreamType nStreamType, IN float x, IN float y, IN float z) Set the position of a user. Parameters lpTTInstancePointer to client instance created by TT_InitTeamTalk.

Parameters lpSpeexDSPThe preprocessing settings to use, i.e. Pass 0 to monitor local audio. If you give it a mpeg2-file it will play the internal mp3-track(s)?That's what I guess but I have no idea. TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_SetSoundOutputMute (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance, IN TTBOOL bMuteAll) Set all users mute.

Once streaming has finished it is recommended to reset the media buffer, i.e. TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_SetUserMediaStorageDir (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance, IN INT32 nUserID, IN const TTCHAR *szFolderPath, IN const TTCHAR *szFileNameVars, IN AudioFileFormat uAFF) Store user's audio to disk. Parameters lpSoundDevicesAn output array of BearWare.SoundDevice-structs which will receive the available sound devices. ReturnsIf running in sound duplex mode (ClientFlag CLIENT_SNDINOUTPUT_DUPLEX) then ensure to disable duplex mode prior to closing the sound device.

jfk EO-11110(Posted 1+ years ago)#2 ASF, WMV, MPEG etc. See alsoTeamTalk.SetUserVolume int BearWare.TeamTalk.GetSoundOutputVolume ( ) Get master volume. Download and copy file sound.dll to directories: System or System32 or System64.Virus scan:sound.dll downloads: 9 download, 0,01 mb.All urls to download this file: 1 links srp.exe - Record Any Sound from https://steamcommunity.com/app/6860/discussions/0/617329150706847804/ See alsoSOUND_VOLUME_MAX SOUND_VOLUME_MIN TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_SetSoundOutputMute ( IN TTInstance * lpTTInstance, IN TTBOOL bMuteAll ) Set all users mute.

See alsoSetSoundInputGainLevel bool BearWare.TeamTalk.SetSoundInputPreprocess ( SpeexDSP lpSpeexDSP) Enable sound preprocessor which should be used for processing audio recorded by the sound input device (voice input). More... struct AudioBlock An audio block containing the raw audio from a user who was talking. SOUNDSYSTEM_ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).

See alsoCLIENT_SNDOUTPUT_MUTE TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_Enable3DSoundPositioning ( IN TTInstance * lpTTInstance, IN TTBOOL bEnable ) Enable automatically position users using 3D-sound. http://www.bearware.dk/teamtalksdk/v5.1c/docs/NET/group__sounddevices.html Increasing the media buffer size is especially important when the user is currently streaming a media file using TeamTalk.StartStreamingMediaFileToChannel(). bool BearWare.TeamTalk.SetSoundOutputVolume ( int nVolume) Set master volume. TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_CloseSoundLoopbackTest (IN TTSoundLoop *lpTTSoundLoop) Stop recorder and playback test.

More... EnumeratorSOUND_VU_MAX The maximum value of recorded audio. nUserIDID of user. In order to restart the sound system all sound devices in all client instances must be closed using TeamTalk.CloseSoundInputDevice(), TeamTalk.CloseSoundoutputDevice() and TeamTalk.CloseSoundDuplexDevices().

ReturnsReturns NULL in case of error, otherwise sound loop instance which can be closed by TT_CloseSoundLoopbackTest(); See alsoTT_InitSoundInputDevice() TT_InitSoundOutputDevice() TT_InitSoundDuplexDevices() TT_CloseSoundLoopbackTest() TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_CloseSoundLoopbackTest ( IN TTSoundLoop * lpTTSoundLoop) Stop recorder Parameters lpTTSoundLoopPointer to sound loop instance created by TT_StartSoundLoopbackTest(). boolBearWare.TeamTalk.SetSoundInputPreprocess (SpeexDSP lpSpeexDSP) Enable sound preprocessor which should be used for processing audio recorded by the sound input device (voice input). nOutputDeviceIDThe nDeviceID of SoundDevice extracted through TT_GetSoundDevices().

Like dll downloading, windows updating and print spooler error repair. You can also use other functions in SmartPCFixer. uAFFThe AudioFileFormat to use for storing audio files.

TEAMTALKDLL_API INT32TT_GetSoundInputLevel (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance) Get the volume level of the current recorded audio.

setting it to zero. More... a USB sound device then it's not picked up automatically by the client instance. This delay is by default set to 500 msec but can be changed by calling TT_SetUserStoppedTalkingDelay().

Parameters lpTTInstancePointer to client instance created by TT_InitTeamTalk. More... nStreamTypeEither STREAMTYPE_VOICE or STREAMTYPE_MEDIAFILE_AUDIO. Enumeration Type Documentation enum BearWare.SoundSystem : uint The supported sound systems.

Parameters nUserIDThe ID of the user who should have changed the size of the media buffer. This function allows the use of SpeexDSP to enable AGC and echo cancellation. Never access lpAudioBlock after releasing its AudioBlock. Generated Sun, 20 Nov 2016 09:48:03 GMT by s_sg2 (squid/3.5.20)

Calling this function will set the flag ClientFlag CLIENT_SNDINPUT_READY. lpSpeexDSPA preallocated SpeexDSP which will receive the settings that is currently in effect. SOUNDSYSTEM_WASAPI Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI). Parameters lpTTInstancePointer to client instance created by TT_InitTeamTalk.

TEAMTALKDLL_API INT32 TT_GetSoundInputLevel ( IN TTInstance * lpTTInstance) Get the volume level of the current recorded audio. This delay is by default set to 500 msec but can be changed by calling TeamTalk.SetUserStoppedTalkingDelay(). static IntPtr BearWare.TeamTalk.StartSoundLoopbackTest ( int nInputDeviceID, int nOutputDeviceID, int nSampleRate, int nChannels, bool bDuplexMode, SpeexDSP lpSpeexDSP ) static Perform a record and playback test of specified sound devices along with an When the TeamTalk client is first initialized all the sound devices are detected and stored in a list inside the client instance.

Click the button to download Error Fixer . More... TEAMTALKDLL_API INT32TT_GetSoundInputGainLevel (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance) Get voice gain level of outgoing audio. See alsoTeamTalk.GetDefaultSoundDevices TeamTalk.InitSoundInputDevice TeamTalk.InitSoundOutputDevice static bool BearWare.TeamTalk.RestartSoundSystem ( ) static Reinitialize sound system (in order to detect new/removed devices).

More... These two functions return arrays of BearWare.SoundDevice-structs which contains a description of the sound device. This will cause the application to crash with a memory exception.