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dol_getIdFromCode ( $db, $key, $tablename, $fieldkey = 'code', $fieldid = 'id' ) Return an id or code from a code or id. empty($conf->global->GOOGLE_ENABLE_GMAPS_MEMBERS)) $showgmap=1; 1782 if (($mode=='thirdparty' || $mode =='societe') && ! In mot cases, we use this function without parameters (that means GMT time). price ($amount, $form=0, $outlangs='', $trunc=1, $rounding=-1, $forcerounding=-1, $currency_code='') Function to format a value into an amount for visual output Function used into PDF and HTML pages. http://divxvar.com/general/dns-error-rcode-format-error.html

Referenced by CMailFile\_encode_file(), Product\add_photo(), CommonObject\addThumbs(), checkLoginPassEntity(), complete_dictionary_with_modules(), complete_elementList_with_modules(), EcmDirectory\delete(), Product\delete_photo(), dol_compress_file(), dol_copy(), dol_count_nb_of_line(), dol_delete_dir(), dol_delete_dir_recursive(), dol_delete_file(), dol_dir_is_emtpy(), dol_dir_list(), dol_filemtime(), dol_filesize(), dol_is_dir(), dol_is_file(), dol_mkdir(), dol_move(), dol_move_uploaded_file(), dolCopyDir(), Product\get_image_size(), Interfaces\getTriggersList(), ImportCsv\import_open_file(), Product\is_photo_available(), Product\liste_photos(), dol_getprefix () Return a prefix to use for this Dolibarr instance for session or cookie names. Referenced by Product::add_photo(), Categorie::add_photo(), Product::add_photo_web(), mailing_xinputfile::add_to_target(), ActionComm::build_exportfile(), Export::build_file(), EcmDirectory::create(), BonPrelevement::Create(), DolibarrModules::create_dirs(), Task::createFromClone(), Project::createFromClone(), FileUpload::createScaledImage(), dol_add_file_process(), dol_meta_create(), Ldap::dump(), Stats::getAllByProductEntry(), Stats::getAmountByMonthWithPrevYear(), Stats::getNbByMonthWithPrevYear(), FileUpload::handleFileUpload(), modSociete::init(), modPropale::init(), modProjet::init(), modFacture::init(), modExpedition::init(), modCommande::init(), RssParser::parser(), pdf_getInstance(), rebuild_merge_pdf(), Cronjob::run_jobs(), More...

Referenced by ActionsCardCommon::assign_values(), ActionsContactCardCommon::assign_values(), ActionsAdherentCardCommon::assign_values(), dolibarr 4.0.0-rc MainPage RelatedPages Modules Classes Files Examples FileList FileMembers htdocscorelib Functions functions.lib.php File Reference A set of functions for Dolibarr This file contains all frequently dol_escape_js ($stringtoescape, $mode=0, $noescapebackslashn=0) Returns text escaped for inclusion into javascript code. empty($title) && $showtitle) 718 { 719 $limittitle=30; 720 $out.=''; 721 if ($picto) $out.=img_picto($title,($pictoisfullpath?'':'object_').$picto,'',$pictoisfullpath).' '; 722 $out.=''.dol_trunc($title,$limittitle).''; 723 $out.=''; 724 } 725 726 // Define max of key (max may Comment line to run as anonymous user.

setEventMessage ($mesgs, $style='mesgs') Set event message in dol_events session. Referenced by ActionsCardCommon::assign_values(), ActionsCardService::assign_values(), ActionsCardProduct::assign_values(), ActionsContactCardDefault::assign_values(), ActionsAdherentCardDefault::assign_values(), and dol_fiche_end(). References dol_get_fiche_end(). make_substitutions ($chaine, $substitutionarray) Make substition into a string replacing key with vals from $substitutionarray (oldval=>newval) More...

Ok, but what is the name of the function that can display such a message ? get_localtax ($vatrate, $local, $thirdparty_buyer="", $thirdparty_seller="", $vatnpr=0) Return localtax rate for a particular vat, when selling a product with vat $vatrate, from a $thirdparty_buyer to a $thirdparty_seller Note: This function applies same To execute ".$script_file." from command line, you must use PHP for CLI mode.\n"; exit; } // Init global variables $version='1.0'; $error=0; // -------------------- START OF YOUR CODE HERE -------------------- @set_time_limit(0); // https://doxygen.dolibarr.org/d9/d69/functions_8lib_8php_source.html empty($conf->global->AGENDA_ADDACTIONFORPHONE)) $link=''.img_object($langs->trans("AddAction"),"calendar").''; 1667 if ($link) $newphone='

'.$newphone.' '.$link.'
'; 1668 } 1669 } 1670 1671 if (empty($titlealt)) 1672 { 1673 $titlealt=($withpicto=='fax'?$langs->trans("Fax"):$langs->trans("Phone")); 1674 } 1675 $rep=''; 1676 if ($adddivfloat) $rep.='
browse this site Returnsstring Formated string See Alsodol_print_address Definition at line 1007 of file functions.lib.php. empty($conf->global->MAIN_HIDE_INACTIVETAB_ON_PRINT))?' hideonprint':'').'">'; 764 if (isset($links[$i][2]) && $links[$i][2] == 'image') 765 { 766 if (!empty($links[$i][0])) 767 { 768 $out.=''.$links[$i][1].''."\n"; 769 } 770 else 771 More...

setEventMessages ($mesg, $mesgs, $style='mesgs') Set event messages in dol_events session object. navigate here Parameters string$text1Text 1 string$text2Text 2 bool$forxmlfalse=Use , true=Use Returnsstring Text 1 + new line + Text2 See Alsodol_textishtml Definition at line 4577 of file functions.lib.php. Parameters array$linksArray of tabs string$activeActive tab name (document', 'info', 'ldap', ....) string$titleTitle int$notab0=Add tab header, 1=no tab header. dol_print_size ($size, $shortvalue=0, $shortunit=0) Return string with formated size.

empty($links[$i][2]) && ! More... I can't find it as easily than i would believe. Check This Out isValidPhone ($phone) Return true if phone number syntax is ok TODO Decide what to do with this.

img_warning ($titlealt= 'default', $options= '') Show warning logo. dol_fiche_end ($notab=0) Show tab footer of a card. dol_microtime_float ( ) Same function than microtime in PHP 5 but compatible with PHP4.

dol_getdate ( $ timestamp, $ fast = false ) Return an array with locale date info.

Referenced by Product\_get_stats(), Stats\_getAmountByMonth(), Stats\_getAverageByMonth(), Stats\_getNbByMonth(), pdf_paiement\_pagehead(), mailing_fraise\add_to_target(), CommonInvoice\calculate_date_lim_reglement(), Project\createFromClone(), Task\createFromClone(), FactureRec\createRecurringInvoices(), displayBox(), dol_get_first_day(), dol_get_first_day_week(), dol_get_last_day(), dol_get_next_day(), dol_get_next_week(), dol_get_prev_day(), dol_get_prev_week(), dol_print_date(), dol_stringtotime(), get_next_value(), ExtraFields\getOptionalsFromPost(), ICal\ical_date_to_unix(), PaiementFourn\initAsSpecimen(), FactureRec\initAsSpecimen(), RemiseCheque\initAsSpecimen(), Paiement\initAsSpecimen(), Facture\initAsSpecimen(), DoliDB\jdate(), Parameters: string$ip IP int$mode 0=return IP + country/flag, 1=return only country/flag, 2=return only IP Returns:string Formated IP, with country if GeoIP module is enabled Definition at line 1348 of file functions.lib.php. img_delete ($alt= 'default', $other= '') Show delete logo. More...

More... Parameters string$stringtoencodeString to encode int$nl2brmode0=Adding br before , 1=Replacing by br (for use with FPDF writeHTMLCell function for example) string$pagecodefromPagecode stringtoencode is encoded int$removelasteolbr1=Remove last br or lasts (default), 0=Do nothing dol_microtime_float () Same function than microtime in PHP 5 but compatible with PHP4. this contact form References dol_nl2br(), and dol_textishtml().

More... price2num ($amount, $rounding='', $alreadysqlnb=0) Function that return a number with universal decimal format (decimal separator is '. img_down ($titlealt= 'default', $selected=0, $moreclass='') Show down arrow logo. Referenced by modSociete::__construct(), modAdherent::__construct(), MouvementStock::_create(), Product::_log_price(), ActionComm::add(), CommonObject::add_contact(), Product::add_fournisseur(), mailing_thirdparties_services_expired::add_to_target(), mailing_fraise::add_to_target(), Account::addline(), BonPrelevement::AddNotification(), CommandeFournisseur::approve(), build_calfile(), ActionComm::build_exportfile(), Product::clone_fournisseurs(), Contrat::cloture(), Commande::cloture(), Propal::cloture(), Adherent::cotisation(), UserGroup::create(), User::create(), Societe::create(), CompanyBankAccount::create(), Address::create(), Project::create(), Entrepot::create(), Product::create(), Livraison::create(), Holiday::create(),

The result of this error normally causes the virtual memory to run slow. References dol_escape_htmltag(), dol_htmlentities(), dol_print_date(), and dol_syslog(). dol_htmloutput_errors ($mesgstring='', $mesgarray='', $keepembedded=0) Print formated error messages to output (Used to show messages on html output). dol_eval ($s, $returnvalue=0) Replace eval function to add more security.

Referenced by dol_htmloutput_errors(), and dol_htmloutput_events(). References dol_syslog(). Parameters: string$stringtodecode String to decode Returns:string String decoded Definition at line 3522 of file functions.lib.php. References dol_buildpath(), dol_dir_list(), dol_is_dir(), and dol_syslog().

More... See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program. print_date_range ($date_start, $date_end, $format= '', $outputlangs='') Format output for start and end date. Parameters string$stringtoescapeString to escape int$mode0=Escape also ' and " into ', 1=Escape ' but not " for usage into 'string', 2=Escape " but not ' for usage into "string", 3=Escape '

dolGetFirstLineOfText ($text) Return first line of text.