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Test Dsp Device


If the DSP crashes, use the approach in the DSP Alarms section. Once the retrain limit is reached, NP drops the call and report this disconnect reason. 3 ABT end flr 0x104 Problem detecting end of Answer-Back Tone(ABT). show vfc default-file Displays the default files included in the default file list for this VFC. Error correction negotiation has not been successful.

Return material authorize (RMA) any DSP that does not return to an UP state. In some cases when the DSP is faulty, the show voice port summary command shows an operation status of down. Note:If you use a console to access the gateway, logging console must be enabled to see the command output. Platform Support and Software Requirements Cisco Enhanced Conferencing and Transcoding for Voice Gateway Routers provides this platform support and requires this software: Product Cisco 2600XM Cisco 2691 Cisco 3700 NM-HDV2 NM-HDV2-1T1/E1 see this here

Test Dsp Device

Prerequisites Requirements There are no specific requirements for this document. If the modem and the NAS attempt to terminate the session simultaneously and the modem happens to save the disconnect reason before the LINK_TERMINATE message from the NAS is processed, then Default is 10. CID Conglomerate value derived from the GUID that appears in the show call active brief command.

Ports that fail the diagnostic test are marked as Bad. Ref Id Alloc PC Size Reference ID for a specific list of allocated numbers. All rights reserved. Cisco Dsp Commands Peer may not support MNP. 3 XID Incmpt 0x212 The received XID frame is incompatible with local settings.

Obtain information for a given voice router with an NM-HDV2 Network Module installed with the show diag command. This could mean that the talk path went away or that the client stopped transmitting. Command Default If no argument is specified, connectivity status information for all accounting method lists is displayed. http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/Cisco_IOS_Voice_Troubleshooting_and_Monitoring_--_Digital_Signal_Processor_Troubleshooting Refer to Understand the NM-HDV2 IP Communications High-Density Digital Voice or Fax Network Module for more information on Cisco IOS support for the NM-HDV2.

DSMP State = S_DSMP_COLLECTING_STATS Timeouts that occur on a single DSP channel might indicate a hardware failure. How To Check Dsp Resources On Cisco Router This feature addresses the sequence and contents of the control messages. CallID Port DSP/Ch Codec Rx/Tx ERL/Reflctr Jitter 0x3 1/0/0 1/1 g711ulaw 742/154 5.6/12 50/15 The following examples show output using the NextPort version of the standard echo canceller. (Time-slot information is show vfc slot default-file Syntax Description slot Slot where the VFC is installed.

Flexdsprm 3 Tdm_connect

There is no output field for voice-port/timeslot mapping for signaling channels because the PRI signaling is managed by the HDLC controllers on the NM-HDV2. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/voice/h323/26367-7200-dsp-trbl.html The SP resets itself if it gets an internal inconsistency error. 4,6 — 0x00C V.42bis or V.44 codeword size exceeded negotiated maximum. 4,6 — 0x00D V.42bis or V.44 received codeword equal Test Dsp Device The call is terminated because there is no error correction fallback protocol available. Troubleshooting Dsp Examples The following sample output displays configuration information for voice class called-number-pool 100, including idle called numbers and allocated called numbers: Router(config)# show voice class called-number-pool 100 detail Called Number Pool:

During data mode, this is also a client side triggered disconnection that is not a graceful call termination. Note: At this point, gather the captured messages in the destination files on your PC or UNIX station and send the information to Cisco TAC for analysis. V.92 specifies that the cleardown reason can be: •Cleardown due to incoming call •Cleardown due to outgoing call •Cleardown due to other reason 4 — 0x109 MOH timeout value reached. The name and class of the disconnect reason can be found inTable: CLASS OTHER Code Summary Table and Table: CLASS DSP Reason Codes respectively. Show Voice Dsp

Rx (line to host) data flushing OK 5 - 0xA... The size of the ring buffer is configurable through the use of the voice hpi capture command. show controller {t1 | e1} 2. You can capture these messages by turning on the logger, repeating problematic calls, and capturing the logs.

See this example: *DSP VOICE CHANNELS*CURR STATE : (busy)inuse (b-out)busy out (bpend)busyout pending LEGEND : (bad)bad (shut)shutdown (dpend)download pendingDSP DSP DSPWARE CURR BOOT PAK TX/RXTYPE NUM CH CODEC VERSION STATE STATE Reset Dsp Cisco This command output is from the test dsp command (hidden): Note:A hidden command is one that cannot be parsed with a "?", and the Tab key cannot be used Unexpected sequences of calls or parameters that cause DSP problems are difficult to debug because many calls can be made to the DSP before any ill effects are noticed.

Usage Guidelines Use this command to display the voice class called number pool configuration information.

The following output shows the collection of DTMF digits from the DSP: Router# debug vtsp dsp Voice telephony call control dsp debugging is on !-- ACTION: Caller picked up handset and The url argument must be set to a valid file system. The host sends this disconnect reason when it receives a unsolicited terminating message. How To Check Pvdm On Cisco Router The TIME INTERVAL is one of the triggers under autotest; the other is the error threshold.

See the Configure Crash Dump and Enable Mini-Logger sectionfor instructions on how to configure the mini-logger and the crash-dump and collect the complete output of theshow log command. The received LD frame indicates that the client modem received a MNP protocol error. 3 LD User 0x507 Normal MNP disconnect The host modem received a LD frame from the client Range is from 0 to2. This can also occur with less sophisticated client modems that do not implement the Layer I and/or Layer II clear-down protocols on a DTR drop.

If it is not, use the no shutdown command to make it active. •What parameter values have been set for the voice port, including default values. (these do not appear in configure terminal 5. show vfc cap-list To show the current list of files on the capability list for this voice feature card (VFC), use the show vfc cap-list command in user EXEC mode. It is used for all non-standard disconnects.

The algorithm by which DSPs are farmed out to PA-MCX T1/E1 voice ports is actually quite simple to understand. This call consists of four streams, two input streams and two output streams: Router# show voice dsmp stream Total number of streams in use is: 4 Stream information:: stream=1 Type: TDM, For example, following a dialout from Cisco IOS, the DTE interface clears the call by transmitting an inband ATH AT command after the call is connected. 3 Aborted 0x007 AT mode These ports cannot be used for call connections.

If you use Telnet to access the router, terminal monitor must be enabled to see the command output. 7200_Router# test dsprm 1 Section: 1 - Query dsp resource and status 2 Version 7.35 is the required minimum for CiscoIOS Release12.2(11)T and higher. Command Modes Privileged EXEC Command History Release Modification 12.4(11)T This command was introduced. Perform additional testing on an inoperative SPE port by executing the test port modem back-to-back command.

The DSP interfaces can be HCMs, port adapter DSP farms, or voice cards, depending on the type of router. If the new URL fails, the transport process exits. The condition can also occur during normal data mode when the client abruptly drops the carrier. When message capture is enabled and a message arrives for which there is no buffer space, a missed-message count is started.

This is an example of the output that is generated after you select option 3 followed by option 17 from the menus: c2691#test voice driver Enter VPM or HDV or ATM total probe sent out Number of probe records sent up to the time of the show command.