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Pascal Exit Code 201


The SMB_COM_NT_RENAME command is not documented in [CIFS]; the only prior documentation covering this command is [SNIA]. This 11-byte representation of the 8.3 format name is known as the "packed" format. Write down all parameters, posting accounts, inventory departments, and payments types. An error was encountered while opening the VINES Communications Socket. have a peek here

Windows-based clients and servers do not support CAP_COMPRESSED_DATA, so this capability is never set. <86> Section The CAP_QUADWORD_ALIGNED capability bit was intended to indicate that Windows directory InformationLevel responses were IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing random errors with your system, please review the section on Power Conditioning at the beginning of the Custom Modules and Advanced Features User Guide Appendix. Server Set Task Error.FS474: Linear Hash Client/Server. Attempt to access an array without a subscript. http://dos.error.212.request.beyond.range.winfaults.net/

Pascal Exit Code 201

Windows 98 and Windows NT clients do not call this command. <127> Section Windows NT Server returns STATUS_SMB_BAD_COMMAND (ERRSRV/ERRbadcmd) instead of STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (ERRDOS/ERRbadfunc) if the WordCount field in the request Common Error Messages Section Internal Error: This error message is usually the result of running the DOS Keystroke program with insufficient available conventional memory. Windows NT 4.0 added support for the ability to enable and require signing in Service Pack 3 (SP3). Second, try changing the printer port to file=COM1:9600,N,8,1 (if on COM1:).

Error 481 - Illegal Picture: This error indicates that the Keystroke ini file being used to start Keystroke could be pointing to a corrupt or nonexistent graphic. If you can't free up more memory, you may want to try the /LOWMEM Switch (see System Startup Switches). The system volume is busy with a previous request. - When printing from Windows version: change port to file-com1. Pascal Exit Code 106 BookmarksY!

Illegal expression following MATCHES operator.B205: Line %1%. Pascal Error Codes It can also be a sign of data corruption. Make sure the proper license files are installed. http://www.msnx.net/dos-error-212-request-beyond-range/ The record "%1%" contains illegal characters - or - the data does not pass validation patterns specified in the dictionary.FS11: Error attempting to convert or validate data in the

The best and fastest way to resolve a problem is to first write down any error messages and/or other details which may help in resolving the problem before calling SBS Technical Pascal File Handling Send Packet Error.FS465: Linear Hash Client/Server. Illegal expression following subtraction operator.B210: Line %1%. Branch index of %1% exceeds number of statement-labels.ENG0024: %1%, line %2%.

Pascal Error Codes

The length of these additional NULL bytes is not included in the value of the FileNameLength field unless CAP_UNICODE has not been negotiated.  If CAP_UNICODE has not been negotiated, only the Do not attempt multiuser operation.FS192: Warning! Pascal Exit Code 201 Server Connection Syncronization Error.FS488: Linear Hash Client/Server. Types Of Errors In Pascal Programming Server File Close Error.

There are two (2) ways to fix Dos Error 212 Request Beyond Range Error: Advanced Computer User Solution (manual update): 1) Start your computer and log on as an administrator. It may also be a print buffer overflow; slow down baud rate or change COM parameters, if possible. Windows NT 4.0 Workstation clients determine Client.LMAuthenticationPolicy and Client.NTLMAuthenticationPolicy based upon the value of the LMCompatibilityLevel registry key. Data corruption may result! Runtime Error 106 Pascal

Error 80 - Feature Removed: This error is caused by very low conventional memory. If it occurs in Label Manager, delete LBL.DAT. The easiest place to find this number is on the Keystroke logo screen. Use the NET USE command and look for the status of the network drive.

SearchID (1 byte) : This is a one-byte search identifier used by the server to uniquely identify the search operation. Runtime Error 216 Keystroke runs very slowly over the network: Microsoft has identified a bug in Windows XP SP2 due to Security Update MS04-044 (KB885835) and knows of the issue. If it occurs in Label Manager, delete LBL#.DAT.

Main program has been called with arguments.ENG0808: %3%, line %4%.

Disk volume full.FS104: General write error in the operating system table "%1%".FS105: Read error in the operating system table "%1%". Unable to load dynamic link library %1%.ENG0805: %3%, line %4%. Rather, a single system parameter enables both LMv2 and NTLMv2 authentication. How To Fix Runtime Error Error 432 - FileName Or ClassName Not Found During Automation Operation: This error indicates the need to rename WS*.INI and WS*.ATB in keystrok\data directory.

However, if the heap has reached the maximum size allowed by the operating system or hardware, then you will get this error. 204 Invalid pointer operation You will get this in You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. If occurs accessing a database screen, it may be a corrupt screen file (SCRN#.DAT). Error 2147024770 - Automation Error: Toolbars (ws.atb) This error indicates the need to rename WS#.ATB in data directory (Windows version Toolbars).

Boot Into Protected Mode: If your pc is blue-screening Dos Error 212 Request Beyond Range every time you turn it on, test booting into secure mode. Keystroke Error File Number Descriptions: File Number = Description 1 = Inventory 2 = Customer 3 = Vendor 4 = Clerk 5 = Department/Categories 6 = Transactions 7 = Matrix 8 Variable has not been assigned a value.ENG0012: %1%, line %2%. bits 0-4 (mask 0x1F): Reserved for server use.

It may also occur when attempting to run Keystroke from somewhere other than the Keystroke program directory, or if the Keystroke directory in the PATH statement, or when logged into a Do not attempt multiuser operation.FS200: The "%1%" table is not available.FS201: The record "%1%" in the "%2%" table is not available.FS202: No error code was returned in @FILE.ERROR. Divide by zero; Result Zero!ENG0027: %1%, line %2%. Windows NT 4.0 added support for the ability to enable and require signing in Windows NT 4.0 operating system Service Pack 3 (SP3).

The table structure cannot be modified while the data table contains data.FS51: Dictionary domain error. Table has not been opened.ENG0015: %2%, line %3%. The following table includes a list of possible values for this field: Windows OS version NativeOS string Windows NT 3.51 Windows NT 1057 Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 1381 Windows 98 Extra parameters ignored.ENG0711: %2%, line %3%.

the heap will try to allocate more memory if needed.